PSI-Music has been relaunched to focus on the production of high quality video & audio releases across diverse musical genres. Originally founded by musician and composer Primus Sitter in 1998, the label is still based in Carinthia, Austria.


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“Zwoa” is used for the number two in Manfred Paul Weinberger’s native region of Upper Austria and “Art of Zwoa” for his duo with Stephan Braun from Berlin, which has been performing on stage for over twenty years now in a consciously fragile line up of trumpet and cello. In “Castles Made of Sound #03”, they express their shared musical journey through an instrumental dialogue: colorful, lyrical, expressive, and full of creative wit. As trumpeter Manfred Paul Weinberger subtly switches between styles and skilfully plays with sound without ever leaving the conversation with his partner, cellist Stephan Braun effortlessly transitions between playing techniques, ranging from soft tones to electronically supported percussive passages. Manfred Paul Weinberger has, in addition to a wide range of compositions, also initiated countless genre-and culture-spanning projects and productions between North America, India and Europe, and has shared international stages with names such as Kenny Wheeler and Don Thompson. His duo partner Stephan Braun is considered one of the most interesting cellists in the European jazz scene, having played with a variety of different projects and ensembles, including Melody Gardot, Nils Landgren, and Giora Feidman. The atmosphere and historical setting is provided by Schloss Grades in Carinthia, Austria.

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Artist: Art of Zwoa
Label: PSI-Music
Release Date: 3-3-2023
Genre: Jazz
People: Manfred Paul Weinberger & Stephan Braun

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