PSI-Music has been relaunched to focus on the production of high quality video & audio releases across diverse musical genres. Originally founded by musician and composer Primus Sitter in 1998, the label is still based in Carinthia, Austria.


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Stunning trumpet meets electronics and a magic bundle of ways to manipulate the zither. RaaDie, Lorenz Raab and Christof Dienz, together create a unique wide-open space for improvisation, exploring the musical universe, creating extraordinary soundscapes through rhythms, melodies and ambiance. Both are well known in the European Music scene: Lorenz Raab performs as first trumpet in Viennese Volksoper and is collaborating in a number of international projects as well as Christof Dienz, who is a very open-minded composer and dances between “New Music”, Electronics and Chamber music. With this first unique duo performance PSI-Music opens this new series, Castles Made Of Sound, captured within the beautiful and historic walls of Schloss Pöckstein in Carinthia/Austria.

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Artist: RaaDie
Label: PSI-Music
Release Date: 12-8-2022
Genre: Jazz
People: Christof Dienz (e-zither,electronics), Lorenz Raab (trumpet,electronics)

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