PSI-Music has been relaunched to focus on the production of high quality video & audio releases across diverse musical genres. Originally founded by musician and composer Primus Sitter in 1998, the label is still based in Carinthia, Austria.

Out now: Orange Sun – Bridges

Tuba, guitar and vocals. Orange Sun’s extraordinary instrumentation opens up new worlds of sound, and with their debut album “Bridges” the trio creates an organic connection between established genres. The formation is new, but the individual protagonists are well known: New York-born tuba virtuoso Jon Sass, known for his inimitable sound and style, is involved in countless international projects, and together with Austria’s outstanding guitarist/composer Primus Sitter create,the trio’s unique instrumental foundation. Primus was as well sound engineer for the album. Austrian composer and singer Boris Uran makes his songwriting debut here, and when placed in the hands of Sitter and Sass, these songs reveal an authentic and fresh sound. The lightness of the music stands at times, in contrast to challenging themes in the lyrics, which deal with change and self-discovery. In the course of their collaboration, the three musicians grew together as a band … on a journey on the high seas, sailing towards an orange sun.

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Album Release Date: 26.08.2022
Single “How Come” Release Date: 29.07.2022
Single “Rollin'” Release Date: 12.08.2022

Written By: Steve